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Many Suns
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10,000 years ago two small galaxies began a cataclysmic collision to become one. Seeing the inevitable destruction of the empire your ancestors began the race to construct intergalactic colony ships. Your ship was launched before your home world was destroyed in the maelstrom. It contains all the knowledge for survival and conquest. Other factions and races from both galaxies came to the same conclusion. There was only one galaxy within reach.
The ancestors named your new home Many Suns.

Newest Player: The pits
Last Login: Sirius
Round ends in 773 weeks.
Many Suns News
10-5-2014 Ion Cannon Fodder
New round beginning. Dropped sector size to 5 x 5 with only 1 system per sector. Reduced planet counts.

Round ends: 12-6-2014

Have fun!

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The pits
Posted 2014-11-24 17:51:50
Edited 2014-11-24 17:59:08

Well I am just starting this game today.. I am able to kinda feel my way through things and I do admit to being in some confusion. However I think I kinda understand- (I will get to my main point here but please hear me out) For example I am still in the "Sol" part of this game I am already wondering okay where are these other planets etc.. Why is it (now that I looked up more info on my own) that I have no Galaxy button.. Ah so I jump to the next logical step of okay maybe I need to hit a certain spot in this "Sol" bit before I can move into viewing Galaxy or even get this button.. Meaning I know that we need trial and error and above all some patience to get somewhere.

Anyways to my point now.. You see I would myself actually like to see a bit more information right here in forum. Including a sticky perhaps on the fact that (for another example) most these recruiting Guilds are now long gone to dust. Just something to introduce each section as I just read a bunch of Sochi Olympic stuff that I swear must some how not have gotten to "Other chatter non game related" Instead I was expecting an update alert there..

Stickys or introductions might be a good idea.. Also there is not musch on how players are posting say Smiley's to the Shoutbox or even any options for this here in forum so it would be cool to say that "Hey this is BBC code or HTML code friendly or somewhat before I start even trying to dabble in that so I dont look weirder then I am already and as you see there is no Delete button to go along with all the other cool gadgets that might spruce this place up..

I do understand even the smallest changes can take hours and lead to all sorts of headaches but you know this is the suggestion spot and hey I gotta put a few cents in if I am going to be hanging out at all..

Sorry I get long winded so thanks for your time and nice work from what I do see so far. I will save my complements for later though until I have banged my shins on the furniture here a bit more.

-posted by Joe from the pits

Sorry I see you do have a sorta Sticky set up already I guess it don't jump out at me much and I apologize for having a few ideas here I guess.. Really its about the usability of things (also I see the delete now that I have posted) Bold letters or different color just helps draw attention maybe.

And I am still very curious if I am maybe overlooking that "Galaxy button" or what ever happened to this alliance called Bootcamp? SurfWAP
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